Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sing me a song, Ma!

Lullabies or loris. Are they things of the past?
I don't know what lullabies or loris our kids will sing to their next generations, but I still love the ones I grew up listening to in my childhood and sang to Gungun before putting her to sleep every single night when she was a baby. There used to be something so innocently beautiful about the ritual....change into your night suit, brush your teeth and slip inside the quilt. In that dim soft light of the bedroom, my Mamma would hum to me, gently patting all the while, songs, ballads, rhymes....I followed the same ritual with Gungun. She needed her lori, learnt her first songs and poems and even participated in singing them in return to a tired "sooo jaa ab meri maa" me. As I look back, the simple act fills me with a beautiful memory of bonding, of passing a culture and a tradition to the next generation. No?

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