Saturday, March 7, 2009 touched!

Dear onlookers, bystanders and friends,
My! My! Ain't I absolutely bowled by your curiosity, response, support and encouragement?! Much as I always assumed (in a bout of high self esteem..ahem) that my writing wouldn't particularly bore you to death, this overwhelming response to my first posts was simply not anticipated! Am so very grateful to you for having taken time out of your busy schedules on a Friday and giving my page the desired attention.
Thanks so much for all the motivating words and if you know me (as most of you do), I shall try my utmost to keep this page growing (and reflected glory)in times to come.
Humbly yours...


  1. Reading intently your pieces, just one realization flashes through my mind's eye.....the thoughts penned here couldnt have come out just like that out of any ordinary mortal, however well read, however thoughtful he or she might be..must be there was some divine intervention...or are u yourself that DIVINE being impersonated in the form of ANANYA???

  2. ruuhan, monsoon wedding, ... what masterpieces, i need to tell you these writings needs to be compiled into a book and the world must read it. the writings are so intense that it can shake the heart of anyone and everyone. These masterpieces are timeless and immortal. I am proud and is deeply honoured to be aquainted with you and getting an opotunity to read your writings