Thursday, October 29, 2015

Changing Perspectives- beginning with me

Much as I am often critical pushing the boundaries to the extent of being caustic, I have begun to look beneath the layers. And it is surprising me, filling me with empathy not frustration, amusement not anger and perhaps settling the inner turmoils in my own mind when I find people, convictions, perceptions or actions distinctly different from mine. There is always so much more than the eyes can see.
I was talking to a dear friend over lunch yesterday and we both agreed, our patience with what we do not like/ was different from our school of thoughts was weaning with age. "Frankly, I do not know why I am in the same frame with him/ her"! But the same us, we concurred, accepted a lot of "nuisance" a lot more casually in the younger days.
I, however added that maybe with time, it will change again to being neutral or simply graciously understanding the psyche of another pattern. And I have been consciously thinking since then...
When I find people subscribing to all kinda games on Facebook, I am no longer thinking they are silly time wasters trying to find their personality types, the meanings of their names, their best friends or what makes them happy. I am beginning to wonder how lonely they are

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