Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream! Dream! Dream!

If dreams are an interpretation of our unconscious thoughts, hidden carefully in our sub conscience, have you ever wondered that they can be more honest than truth itself?
They can also be extremely blunt, unmasked, innocent and candid.
Does it not also lead to another fact that dreams do not need to come true, for they are already a part of truth manifested in our sleeping wakefulness?
Dreams are the narration of our latent thoughts, where our conscience plays not just the role of a protagonist but also that of a story teller.
For some, it acts as a wonderful balance between the crudity of real life and the benevolence of fantasy. It is like giving yourself an opportunity to do what you want or another chance to undo an undesired occurrence, the memories of which continue to torment your conscience.
So, in a nutshell, a dream is often a second thought or a second chance!
Somebody told me the other day that there are times when he feels that he controls the sequences of his dreams. “The remote control is often in my own hands” he admitted. Unlike the unprecedented directions of destiny, in dreams you have the freedom and the opportunity to set your targets. Moreover, you lay the rules and pebble the road with your own imagination.
What do you say? Have you had a dream where you felt you were the mastermind who had the power to shift and change the pattern of your thoughts and translate them into sequences of your choice?
Let’s hear it from you today…


  1. did did what I tried to define for long...U r indeed God's gift to mankind...

  2. You are so correct. But is it necessary to be in a sleeping mode to dream? I guess not. I dream perhaps the best dreams of my life while I am awake - Day dreaming is what you call it. My dreams know no boundaries, they are free, completely devoid of any shackles any prejudices; my dreams are my own children, nurtured beautifully within me. At times I definitely tell myself, "I wish my dreams would have come true, and my world would have been absolutely different". But again I feel my dreams are very much part of me, whenever I dream, I visualize every bit of them in front of my eyes, I experience them in reality, live every moment, smile, laugh, cry and be completely a part of them. How come they are not real? My dreams are nothing but my babies, my own existence. My dreams are "ME" afterall.

    Lovely piece of writing and extremely thought provoking. You made me also pen down a few lines in continuation of yours.

  3. Very thought provoking, very you and very different from the usual story telling, yet, it is like you sitting across and dreamily saying the words aloud..Keep it up girl, you just know how to touch the right chord all the time. Indeed a very unusual gift in a person.

  4. i think of dream as a different life of ones self, call it ur second life, tho we dont have "much" control over each other, there is a fair line of resemblance for sure, but give a thought to this fascinating thing called dream in a paranormal way (i.e if you believe in that) ! it will make it much more interesting, sometimes ur dreamy world controls ur normal world!

  5. In dreams, daily life, with its labours and pleasures, its joys and pains, is never repeated. On the contrary, dreams have as their very aim to free us from it. Even when our whole mind has been filled with something, when we are torn by some deep sorrow or when all our intellectual power is absorbed in some problem, a dream will do no more than enter into the tone of our mood and represent reality in symbols.

  6. Dreams........yes they are so much larger than life. When our soul sleeps, but we still feel real pain, maybe that's when we are awake under the depths of slumber and we see us as we are a fragile wreck on a storm of emotion. Countless times I have dream't of things and places I have never seen or done before and they were so bone chilling, In,my dreams I have known my weaknesses and Yearned for the love that I have lost, that's why I believe that though they call them dreams that are truer that life and they are the moments that we create and control in unspeakable happiness and silent agony, of all these years in this world, and the countless moments that we have breathed.
    Very well written Ananya Di. Really impressive piece of writing

  7. WoW!! Simply mind blowing!

    Well I am a complete day dreamer, when I day dream the "remote control" is very much with me. I hit the "pause" button whenever I want to and "play" it again when I am ready to step back into my dream world!
    But the dreams that come when I am asleep are very different, I don't control them...things just happen...sometimes I wake up happy but there are times when these dreams makes me cry!

    I loved a quote I read somewhere " A person starts dying when he stops dreaming" so true isn't it?

    So just Dream On....

  8. Awesome read, beautifully written and indeed very thought provoking

  9. Thought provoking

  10. Whatever I have dreamt, consciously, in awaken self, focussed and put all my energy, wishes and prayers into...have come true...Road leading to it have been chequered by challenges and the Almighty had its own ways of hand-holding.

    Jahan taq jaati hai khwaayishein
    Nazarein Uthakar dekho..
    Wahin beechi hai rahguzar.

    Khwaab hai to saansein hai
    Khwaab hai to tum ho
    Khwaab hai to main hoon...


  11. Thought provoking.............oshadharon just........

  12. You wrote-"....dreams are another chance to undo an undesired occurance..."...."dream is a second chance..." True..and I lived this chance only ONCE till date.....
    9th April,1994--I was waiting for my Dida(granny) to get back from the market with 'kochuris' and 'jilipis' for me...a knock on the door..When I opened the door, I saw a rickshaw-puller standing outside, carrying my Dida in his arms as one would carry a new-born. He said-"I am sorry but my rickshaw hit her. She might have broken something..."
    The doctors were consulted,x-rays done and the verdict...she had damaged her hip-joint and would never walk again....and a voice in my head screamed at me-"Damn you!! It was because of you !! Aar chaibi kochuri-jilipi?"The bile rose from the pit of my stomach and tears flowed freely. I claimed I loved this lady more than my life and I had crippled her forever...
    I left Kolkata soon after but visited her often and everytime saw the same sight...she confined to the bed, unable to walk. The doctors said that at her age, an operation would have no success and my granny being a stubborn lady, refused to go anywhere. I wished there was something I could do. She asked me once-"Didun, aami aabar nijer paaye daraate parbo to?.. Bolo na?...ektu khani cholte parbo to?...I had no answer..
    October, 1994. I visited Vellore with my parents for my mother's treatment. There, at the physio-therapy unit...I saw miracles happening. Impossible cases were being treated successfully post-operations. A thought crossed my mind..maybe Dida had a chance..maybe this was MY chance to undo that 'undesired occurance'....these were the last thoughts in my mind before I fell asleepone night.
    I wheeled her into the physiotheraphy room and watched as the doctors took over. I encouraged her, chided her lovingly when I felt she was giving up. The only words I kept repeating to her were-"You have got to walk have got to..don't give up. In it lies my redemption"....slowly, after what seemed ages, she took a few steps on her own!!! Tears flowed as I put my arms around her...
    "Ebaar ektu bhalo laagche,Didun. Mone hochche, aabar aager moton tomar jonne jilipi aante jete parbo"...
    She touched my hand...I opened my eyes. Ma was sitting near me holding my hand......."Jano Ma, ekta shopno dekhlaam. I could make Dida walk again. It's possible. She'll walk again, you'll see, we'll bring her" mother's broken voice cut through my jabber-"Dida aar nei...Aaj bhor bela amaader shokkolke chhere......."
    As a child,I had believed in all the miracles occuring in the fairy tales she used to narrate.....I believed in one last miracle--my aunt(who was with Dida during her last hours)told me that just before she died, she had held my mashi's hand and very slowly walked to the verandah,stood there for some moments and once again slowly came back and lay down.Her last words before she closed her eyes were-"Didun ke bolo,aami abaar haatlaam..ebaar ektu bhaalo laagchhe"............
    Did I translate a dream into reality?...Did I?......


  13. Sudarshana(Tinnidi)June 11, 2009 at 7:13 PM

    Ananya,khub sundor hoyechhe lekhata. Kintu dreams can be a little scary at times and I am not talking about nightmares.They can give you strange ideas which your "sensible" self forbids you to think of. And sometimes in your dreams when things are not going
    your way, you feel really helpless.You can't even pretend to be in control like you do in real life.But having said that I love to dream.They are my very own, personal adventures!

  14. Very nice, excellent presentation and I like the way you have opened up your blog to interaction. This will surely bring in a lot of "intellectual fodder" as you say:-)

  15. Very neat ! Thought provoking. Keep posting.

  16. Hi! Ritwika here :)

    I feel dreams help us have a vision and dreaming about the vision makes us work hard for the success of the vision dreamt. What we can control is the choice whether or not to follow our dreams. The only “control” we have would be to back up our dreams with feasible plans for execution as dreams lead to goals and goals lead to efforts, which if carried out with utmost sincerity, would definitely bear fruits. Having said that, I fervently believe that one must NEVER be living in a dream world! Also, dreams that make your nights sad, painful and sleepless are better forgotten! Most importantly, if we want our dreams to come true, the first thing we should do is to – wake up! So that says it all.

    Nice post! First time here- im kinna getting the hang of blogging. Very interesting blog !!Anyway..Do visit my “just for fun” blog too –

  17. i did prefer dreamless sleep. but i did like to dream when i am awake.

  18. Dream……what you see in your dream, in sleep or in open eyes, can be good or bad but whatever it is, it is your very own.
    It is nothing but another living image of your own thoughts. Everyone love to see him or herself in different environment ---and it is where we may have control in open eyes and may not have control in closed eyes…but we love to live in it!

  19. Very touchy topic and u know it. I can only say that u deserve 4; for inciting me 2 dream again.

  20. To Sharmistha...awesome!